Job Vacancy at Central Kalimantan

Transport Assistant
(Kalimantan Tengah – Sampit)
-To assist the Transportation Manager in monitoring and maintaining flow of motorized equipment and its maintenance to assist various departments in running their day to day function.
-Manage all activities relating to inbound & outbound logistics including necessary documentation

-Bachelor’s degree in Business Management / Finance or related professional qualifications in supply-chain management
-Min 2 years experience managed transportation & logistics in remote locations
-Fluent both written & oral in English
-Computer literacy is a must

-To Oversee the movement and allocation of light and heavy vehicles for various activities and job
-To ensure that the vehicle turn-a-round time is closely monitored and action taken wherever required
-To co-ordinate with workshop management to get the vehicles repaired fast to ensure that optimum usage of vehicles
-To ensure that own vehicles are used for most profitable activities and vehicles hiring is considered as last option
-To develop a network of suppliers from whom we could hire and rent heavy and light vehicles when required
-To report on daily basis the performance of own fleet of vehicles, including the following among and many others
-To ensure that services and other routine maintenance of those vehicles are done at the right time
-To ensure that overloading of vehicles are not done
-To ensure accuracy of the reports and details

If you got what it takes to take on the challenge, please submit your application within two weeks indicating the job code of the post applied in the subject column to:


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