Lowongan Bank Baru di Bank BII


Company Description

Career Opportunity

PT Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tbk,

To support our business in Internal Auditor (Aud), we are looking for strong qualified candidates to fill in position as:

Internal Auditor (Aud)


* Min. Bachelor degree from reputable University, majoring accounting
* GPA min. 3,00
* Maximum age 30 years old
* Having min. 1 years experience in banking industry in similar position or audit consultant
* Able to work independently as well as a team
* Good in interpersonal/communication skill, and ability to deal with people from all levels
* Fluent in English both written and spoken


Please send your application and comprehensive resume not later than 31 August 2008

Indicate the position code (Aud) on the email subject line.


One Response to “Lowongan Bank Baru di Bank BII”

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