Research Analyst World Bank Job

The best people produce the best outputs. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for bright, ambitious team players who have a strong commitment to improving society, the environment, even themselves. We strive to hire and retain the best talent in the industry from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Communication, creative problem solving and decision-making skills, planning and organization, and technical expertise are common characteristics of the World Bank associate. Flexibility in assuming varied work assignments is also important, especially in achieving long-term career growth at the organization.

Communications Assistant (Language Translation)

Selection Criteria

* A minimum Bachelor’s degree in linguistics or relevant discipline (e.g. journalism, writing, communications, economics, development studies) with some relevant work experiences.
* Experience or ability to ably manage complex processes, working simultaneously with multiple Bank unit teams, and managing a network of contract translators.
* Proven knowledge of source and target language.
* Mastery of text translation/revision and proofreading techniques, practices and theories.
* Ability to choose the most appropriate terminology to meet the needs of the subject matter.
* Proficient in the use of relevant standard software packages, e.g. Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, etc.
* Ability to express ideas clearly and efficiently in target language.
* Proficient in relevant specialized technology and relevant software, including translation software programs, voice recognition, machine referencing, machine editing and glossaries, machine memory tools, machine and computer translations.
* Ability to work within clearly defined WBOJ policies and procedures; guided by theories and generally accepted principles applicable to text translation and revision.
* Ability to translated documents under very tight deadlines and flexibility to switch from task to task.
* Ability to build effective working relations with clients and colleagues.
* Superb verbal and written communications skills.
* Knowledge of effective dissemination strategies and approaches to ensure maximum relevance of WB publications and knowledge products in Indonesia’s development discourse.
* Closing Date: 05-Sep-2009

Research Analyst


* M.A. or Ph.D. in Economics, Statistics or related discipline.
* At least 3 to 5 years relevant work experience.
* Excellent data skills and familiarity with statistical methods and standard econometric software packages (STATA)
* Familiarity with key Indonesian economic series and data sources.
* Good English speaking and writing skills
* Ability to put together clear and crisp presentations
* Good team worker, self-motivated
* Pro-active and enthusiastic personality
* Closing Date: 07-Sep-2009

Communications Assistant Position
Research Analyst Position


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