Staff Internal Audit KFC PT Fastfood Indonesia Tbk

PT Fastfood Indonesia Tbk. is the sole owner of KFC franchises in Indonesia, was established by Gelael Group in 1978 as the first party to obtain the franchise for KFC Indonesia. The Company initiated operations in the first restaurant in October 1979 on the road Melawai, Jakarta, and successful outlet is then followed by the opening of further outlets in Jakarta and expanding the coverage area to the big cities in Indonesia, among others, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Manado. Which continues to achieve success in the development of the business as a KFC fast food franchise that is known wide and dominant in Indonesia.

Staff Internal Audit


  • Male, maximum 28-year-old
  • Economic S1, IPK min. 2.8Having Integrity honesty & discipline, strong leadership and resistance to high work pressure
  • Mastering MS Office and B. English
  • Ready to work out of town

Complete applications received before November 18, 2009, to:

Joko Sugianto/Febritudela
PT. FFI (KFC Indonesia)
Plaza Surabaya Shop House Blok C1-C2
Jln. Pemuda No. 31-37
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