Jobs Credit Officer Middle/Corporate Bank Negara Indonesia

LOWONGAN KERJA BANK 2010Lowongan kerja, Initially referred to by its unabbreviated name of Bank Negara Indonesia when it was established in 1946, BNI is the first bank formed and owned by the Indonesian Government. In keeping with the spirit of the heroic national struggle that is rooted in its history, BNI strives to provide the best services for the country and to ultimately become the Pride of the Nation, today and always.

Credit Officer Middle/Corporate


  • Pendidikan minimal S1 (diutamakan S2).
  • Maximum age of 30 years on 01 Maret 2010.
  • Memiliki pemahaman dan penguasaan yang tinggi dalam satu / lebih sektor industri, diutamakan pada sektor industri sebagai berikut: Telekomunikasi, Pertambangan, Transportasi, Distribusi (Ritel), Infrastruktural, Multifinance, Minyak & Gas, Energi.
  • Kandidat merupakan pegawai yang diterima di perusahaan saat ini atau sebelumnya melalui jalur Officer Development Program (ODP) / Management Development Program (MDP) / Management Trainee (MT), dan saat ini telah berpengalaman minimal selama 2 tahun dalam menangani kredit sektor korporasi.
  • Not in the case of the expiration or administrative sanctions, both in the company’s current or previous, and not including the employees laid off or have a poor track record in the company, both companies now or before. ( di translate By Google )
  • Willing assigned / placed throughout Indonesia.

Should you interested please apply at following link not later than April 20, 2010.

Apply Online Here


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